Outsourced Administration

The total package for your Parature implementation

At Houndstooth, we have years of experience working with Parature. After dozens of Parature clients and hundreds of projects, we've developed an "Oursourced Administration" program for our Parature users to get the most from their system.

Quarterly plans include:

System Evaluation

We meet with you to determine what defines success for your organization and make sure your Parature system is getting you there.

Tweak and Tune

We help tweak workflow, build apps and widgets, simplify your ticket fields, complete simple integrations, answer your administrative questions... anything we can do to make your system sing.

Weekly Meetings

Standing meetings to identify any new issues and coordinate the following week's plans.

Our Approach

  • Define how your Support organization defines and measures success.
    • Ensure your system is capturing the key metrics that we can use to measure success.
    • Monitor and measure success with detailed, customized reports.
  • Ensure your customers/end-users are getting the support experience they deserve.
    • Support portal design projects, incorporate traning materials from external systems, optimize content

Our Tools

When Houndstooth is handling optomizations, we use every tool and technique at our disposal to make Parature work for you.

  • Business Objects Reports
  • Small System Integrations
  • Customized Portal Applications (for End-Users)
  • Email Template customization
  • A phone number and a dedicated agent to address any questions you have.