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Awesome! You'd like more information on a Houndstooth project. Because of the nature of what we do, we can't provide exact estimates for our work... But, we promise we can get you an estimate with a firm price (and no expiration date) quick. Here's how we work:

We need to chat. Give us a call or send us an email - we'll want to talk with you about the work you'd like to do. Here's some stuff you can prepare before the call to make things easy:

  • What system or systems are you working with?
  • What is your timeline like?
  • For integrations - do you know if those systems have any documentation for their API? (Do you have it?)
  • For integrations - which way do you want the data to move? 1-way? Both ways? How often?
There's absolutely no fee for us to chat.
We won't call or email you afterwords unless you ask :)
Because we custom-code everything and because no two systems are the same, it's next to impossible to list prices. But, here's a decent rule of thumb for what your project might cost:

Our hourly rate is $150 per hour. We use this for design work or other small, odd-job projects.

For System Integration, very few projects are below $2,500. Things vary significantly based on how complex of an integration you're designing. Call us, we'll work on things with you. We're happy to suggest ways to simplify the integration to meet your budget, or we'll build the biggest, baddest, tightest integration you've ever seen.

For Parature Outsourced Administration, we have plans that start around $3,000 per quarter and rise based on the amount of reporting or custom development required.
At Houndstooth we custom code *everything* we do. This means you get the exact integration you want. It means every one of your business rules are met, your workflow lives on, your custom fields live on, we can even work around your horrible layout that was in place when you got there.

It usually means more work for us, but it results in a better product for your organization.

Houndstooth Consulting

Phone: 703.278.2690
Email: support@houndstoothconsulting.com