Apps and Widgets (CRM Automation)

CRM Automation is about making things exactly the way you want them and eliminating "chores" that could be performed automatically. We like to break this down into 2 categories: Things that you interact with (Widgets) and things that you don't (Automation).


If This Happens, Do That!

If there's something you're doing that could be simplified down to a statement like this, we can likely make a computer do it for you.



Better Interfaces

One client wanted to draw circles on a map and select customers in a unique way, we made it happen with a google maps mashup.

I've Got an Idea!

Database Updates

You used to call them This. Now you call them That.
Now you've got 20,000 This's to turn into 20,000 That's.

Don't Click, Call

I Click the Same 10 Things Over and Over...

Simplifying the user experience for things helps you and your team be more productive.

Houndstooth can help you by building widgets or other small, simple apps to help you with your unique workflow.

Build Me a Widget

More Information in One Place

Don't you wish you could see all of your customer's information in one place?

Use a widget to grab information from another system and display it inline in your CRM.