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You've found your software, made purchases, done training... but things still aren't quite right. Houndstooth specializes in helping you get the most out of your solutions. We specialize in configuration to match your needs, customizations to make software do exactly what you want, dashboards and reports so you can get the bigger picture, and integration with other systems.

Most importantly, we do it quick, cheap, and to your specs. No outsourced labor, just genuine, dial-able, on-demand, enterprise-class "rent-a-nerd" expertise.

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Houndstooth Announces Partnership with Cvent

Trusted Integration Partner

Cvent and Houndstooth have partnered up to bring Cvent clients quick and easy access to Houndstooth integrations. Cvent is an event planning/management solution, and many clients have needs to synchronize contact information to/from Cvent, or they need to export financial transaction data into accounting systems. Houndstooth has completed dozens of Cvent projects and is happy to be a part of the family!